About the Author

I’ve spent the past five years traveling the world with my husband on our sailboat. I have so many stories to share of grand adventures, beautiful places, and the love that’s found along the way. 

While I’ve been happily married for over ten years, the stories from our friends of meeting each other and falling in love have inspired me. I hope to show through my stories that the world is both a large and a small place, and that love can be found everywhere. 

We still live the vagabond life on our sailboat.  When I miss terra firma, I read in my hammock, slip into the water for a snorkel, or watch the sunset over a glass of wine.

New Release!

The snowstorm of the century is approaching, and my only hope of getting home for Christmas is my grumpy, rich, and definitely off limits client.

A closed airport, fifty miles of Swiss countryside, and the threat of record-breaking wind and snow stand between me and flying back to my family in New York. The family that labels my job as a personal stylist as “frivolous” and “shallow.”

My client, Peter, is working just as hard as I am to get me on that plane. 

It seems he really doesn’t want me crashing his family’s Chanukah based on the tension in the air and the grunts he aims my way.

Grunts I should not find sexy.

But we may not have a choice. And when his family opens their warm, cozy home to me, I may realize that, beneath his frost, Peter makes me melt.

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